Monday, June 27, 2011

Milestone Monday: Name Recognition

At 10:30 on the dot we race into the library, just in time for the beginning of story time. As we enter the kids section we pause to grab Harri's name tag from the canvas sign where they are pinned.

Me: Hey Harri, would you like to grab your name tag today?
Her: Awight! (glee evident)

She pauses for a moment, taking in all the tags. So many colours and letters and styles of hand writing. She's determined, but struggling. Librarians are ushering us to the allocated floor space for story time and Harri is getting frustrated.

Me: Do you remember which colour you chose for your name tag?
(Something clicks immediately and Harri reaches for her tag).
Me: That's the one.
Someone's Dad: Wow.
Me: Yeah, wow, right!? I wasn't expecting that either *smiles*

Natural learning in action.

I'm joining in Owlet's Unschool Monday

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