Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Made Face Paint

Last week I discovered the I can teach my child blog. It's a great hub of ideas for fun activities kids enjoy. Knowing our eldest's love of painting herself, I thought she's get a kick out of home made face paint. We invited some friends around to share the fun.

A great time was had; it was a gorgeous afternoon. We found that the actual recipe for making the paint didn't work so well. We ended up with hardened clumps setting in liquid or little dry clumps. Instead we mixed water and corn flour together with a fork until we got a consistency we felt was close enough to paint. Then we poured the white mix into egg carton spaces and the kids added food dye, mixed and started painting. (Harri was big on painting 'dinosuars' on herself and I.

When the kids were finished they had a run around in the long grass, all rainbow and laughing (and some divine singing too). We're looking forward to doing it all again sometime soon.

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