Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1st Day of Un-Kinder

As previously mentioned we have started a weekly meet for unschooling families with young children around the kindergarten ages, which we're calling "unkinder". Today we had our first gathering at a local swimming pool that has some cool water features for the little ones. To start the day off we had obligatory first day photos ;)

Then we made our way to the pool where we had fun playing in the water with our friends. All our eldest girls would be starting kindergarten this year, which was a rather cool coincidence. Being into the whole natural learning thing, age differences don't mean as much to us as they might others, so it did make me giggle that the girls ended up hanging out with kids the "right" age even at our unschool thing ;) But having said that there was also a 2 year old, 1 year old and 9 month old in attendance.

Next week's unkinder is going to be at Sarah Patricia's house. She's planning home-made play-dough of many colours, chalk drawings on the drive-way, colouring in sheets and maybe even a jumping castle :) We're hopefully going to meet another unschool family with some older kids, including some boys. John Holt Unkinder is going co-ed ;D

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Anonymous said...

Gee that's a pretty awse looking pool!

Had to LOL at the co-ed, at the moment we're all boys too... Had a girl come into the group and then they moved away, gah!