For Someone Special

When you begin to doubt your ability to homeschool your children please remember that you were always going to be their first and most important teacher, their biggest role model and their greatest love. This could not be more perfect for those children. No one loves them more, or knows them better than you do. No one treats them with more patience, empathy or respect. What more could a student possibly ask for in a teacher?
When you wonder if you're doing enough to stimulate them and meet their educational needs, stop! Those fears and doubts are all about you, but this journey is not, it's about them. You do not need to bestow education upon your people from on high. You know that is not how learning happens, you know that is how boredom and frustration happen.

Take a deep breath and trust those bright little beans of yours. They're responsible for their own stimulation and they will only truly get it when they're free to follow their interests. You need only to give them the space to do so. Just as they learned to walk and to talk, they did so on their own, while you watched and listened and loved. No skill they truly need will be left un-learned because of you. If ever they struggle they will know they can turn to you for support. And your love and commitment to them will drive you to find the answers needed.

When you hear or read about the activities other homeschooling families are doing: smile, nod, then let it go! It can be inspiring to know what other families are learning and how they are learning, but they are just that: OTHER families. There's no need to envy, copy, or feel inadequate. Your children have different interests, different talents, and are at different stages from those children. Those parents know their children, you know yours.

Instead of focusing on what other homeschooling families are doing, look within your own. At the end of the day reflect on all that your children did, and more often than not you will be reassured. Keep a record of your favourite moments and the best days, so that next time you begin to doubt, you need only look at those records to trust yourself again.

Remember we're here for you and we believe in you even on the days that you don't. We believe in your strength and wisdom as a parent and as an educator. It's easy to believe in you, we've seen the results in your children, whom we feel fortunate to know.

When all else fails look at your children...

All that growth, talent, health, intelligence and beauty you see, took place with you in the wings. You can't possibly fail!

(Originally written by one Sarah to the other. We hope it brightens your day too)