A Tale of Two Sarahs

Out the front of a supermarket Sarah Patricia was sitting down, her newborn daughter snug against her chest in a woven wrap. 
"It's great to see another babywearer in town!" Chirped a stranger walking by, Sarah Jane.
SP wasn't entirely sure what to make of SJ, especially given this self-proclaimed babywearer had her ten month old in a stroller. But they discovered they shared the same name, they both had daughters, they had both given their daughters old fashioned names that are rarely heard these days, and they both babywore (supposedly).

Over the next six months the two Sarahs would pass each other in town, smile and say hello. SP could not for the life of her remember SJ's name, but she remembered her daughter's name. After many of these encounters they ran into each other in the city and while talking learned that they also had homebirth in common, SP having had one nine months prior and SJ planning one for seven months time. Finally, they decided they should plan to run into each other. 

Since then they've seen each other almost every week, usually multiple times a week. They've added two more daughters to the flock.  Their daughters have gone beyond being the best of friends to having a more sibling-like relationship. And they've made the decision to unschool their children together.