Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strewing with colours

Today we had our second UnKinder gathering. I hosted this week. I had a couple of activities available for the kids: playdough on the kitchen table, colouring in sheets and crayons on the coffee table, chalk in the driveway, special crayons for window drawing, some books on the couches, and we set up our special occasion jumping castle on the front lawn. I was fully prepared for the kids to turn their noses up at all my efforts and play with Harriet's toys instead, but everyone had a go at every strewn item, I beleive o_0

I can't speak for everyone, but I had a great afternoon! We had a bigger turn out this week, with five families (5 Mummas and 10 kids all up) and this week we had boy children present too. We also had the pleasure of meeting a local Mum and son we had not crossed paths with before UnKinder which is awesome. The community is growing :) 

Next week we're going bowling.

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