Monday, October 17, 2011

Unschooling Works! -Unschool Monday

I'm feeling happy and relieved, unschooling works ;) Last week Iris started writing numbers. No one has taught her how to do that. She saw some numbers on my desk and said "Look Mum, you have 1 and a 3 a, but no 2. I will draw you a 2" and then she got a crayon and wrote a perfect 2, I've never seen her do anything like that before. Then she thought she'd have a go at writing 3, found it a bit difficult but found it a bit hard so moved on to 4 and aced that first go.

Then she realised we live at number 24 so she put the two numbers together and wrote the number that we live at. She's very pleased with herself too.

I'm joining in Unschool Monday at Owlet.


sarah in the woods said...

Awesome! love when that happens

Kim H said...

Unschooling certainly rules! I love watching our children learn this way. It's so natural and self guided and very real. Lovely to be here via Owlet xx