Friday, September 30, 2011

Share Your Monthly "Classrooms"

Following in Owlet and Yay For Home!'s footsteps, we've decided to create a meme. We're now doing one monthly "Our Classrooms" post, which tracks some of our daughters' learning spaces throughout the month. We've added the option for other bloggers to share a link to their own posts about their "classrooms". Hopefully sharing our links this way will lead to us discovering new blogs and getting inspired by the interesting spaces other families have learned in throughout the month.

To promote our meme you can copy the code from the box below and paste it into the sidebar of your own blog:

Head on over to our September classrooms post to add your link. For anyone wondering how we created a tile table of photos for that post, we used Big Huge Labs 'Mosaic Maker'. Feel free to do the same, but no pressure to come up with a classroom for every day of the month, even one is cool :)

While you're in the sharing mood, why not copy the code below and add an 'Unschooling Sarahs' tile to your blog's sidebar too?

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Sara McGrath said...

I love this idea. I haven't remembered to post every month, but every so often I make a "classrooms" post,