Friday, July 8, 2011

Paint Swatting

I first learned about paintings made using fly swats from a link shared by friends on facebook to Teacher Tom's Blog. Knowing Harri's love for painting and also for wacking her father and our cat ;) I had a hunch she'd like this activity.

All you need is paint, a fly swat and a big sheet of paper. A tray for the paint would have been a good idea too, we sacrificed some plates to the project.

We got a stack of sheets from our local fish 'n chip shop for $1. I bought a set of three fly swats, thinking she could have one for each of the the three colours of paint we had, that was fairly naive of me. She had heaps of fun using three swats and three colours at once.

And it just wouldn't be painting if we didn't up with a daughter who is her own canvas ;P


Lauren said...

Such a lovely thing to read on a Friday night! I'm so loving Harri's expressions and how much fun she had there. xx

messyfish said...

That's so what we do here! Lovely I'm not alone!