Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Wednesday

When the three year old "writes" the lesson plan...
Earlier this month we held a Naming Day for our new family member, to formally recognise her place in our world with friends and family. We decorated our lounge room with helium balloons. So many things were learned because of these balloons.

We learned about helium gas, silly voices, rising balloons, escaping balloons, and sinking balloons. Even now the balloons live on (albeit rather small and soft), continuing to provide stimulation to little minds.

One "lesson plan" Harriet created with the deflating helium balloons was a family tree. She assembled the balloons in an order that made sense to her, on the bathroom floor, and assigned familial titles to each balloon. It never would have occurred to me to carry out such an exercise. It thrills me how much more creative my unschooled three year old can be than her parents.

It was interesting trying to guess what it was about each balloon Harriet felt earned it the particular title it received. Also, rather amusing to discover the toilet as pictured above one evening. A close call for that particular family member!

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Kint said...

we once had a balloon appear in out loo in a similar fashion... and on racing to the loo in the dark busting... well... lets just say... there was no plop sound..... ;-S